There is no bayou in New Jersey...or is there?

Hi, my name is Julie. I have BFA in Jewelry/Metals and live and work in Jersey City, NJ. You may be wondering, “What kind of bayou is in New Jersey?” I’ll explain.

Although I have lived in a city my whole life, I’ve always had a fascination with nature. Growing up, I was the girl playing with worms and ants on my sidewalk and getting into any dirt pile I could find. As an adult, I finally discovered that there was more to nature than a couple of creatures sneaking through cement cracks.

Throughout my exploration of nature I found one particular place that I knew my heart belonged to, the bayou region. I draw inspiration from the teeming wildlife of the bayou to create my handcrafted brass jewelry. Through line, texture, and color I emulate the natural elements of earth, water, air and the life forms that flourish in these habitats.

I choose to work with brass because, like the living breathing bayou, it has a life cycle. Over time it will change as it is exposed to air. Your brass jewelry may evolve from a light golden hue to that of a darker gingery tone and eventually settle to a warm golden brown patina. The innate qualities of brass allow for both deep golden hues and rich patinas that exude an earthiness identifiable with these untamed wetlands.

So why haven’t I packed up my studio and moved down to Louisiana? I have a big wonderful family that I love in New Jersey. I live with the people I love and make jewelry to remind me of a place I love.

Thanks for stopping by the shop and I hope you enjoy a little splash of adornment from the Brassy Bayou!